Grand Canyon

I visited Las Vegas again this year like i always do for our annual global sales conference; I was determined this year to make the drive from Las Vegas to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We visited the South Rim of the park


I was already in the west coast courtesy of work, and had to take advantage of being as close as i have ever been to Arizona; I always wanted to do te helicopter tour from LV to the Grand Canyon, but i was with the partner on this trip and it made no sense for both of us to spend $800 taking a helicopter ride to the park, when we could rent a car for the day for less than $50 and drive ourselves to Arizona, spend as much time as we wanted and set our own agenda.

Of course the drive was not fun; if you know me, you'd know i hate road trips; not the best way for me to spend 4 hours; thankfully the road was smooth; 70mph highways, not a cop in sight; we shared the drive going and he drove back alone while i read a novel. 

Things to note: -

  • I would definitely recommend driving yourself if you cannot afford one of the flying tours to the Grand Canyon; better to drive yourself there than do one of the bus tours, you can set your own time and movement better
  • Pack your own snacks to eat there; food is pretty expensive and there isn't a lot of variety;
  • Hold a water bottle filled with ice; *You are in the desert*. They have water fountains dispersed around the park, and you can refill as you hike
  • there is a $30 gate fee per Car
  • Arrive early to hike the trails; you can also do one of the sunset tours with a guide, or just follow the self guided path explained in the guide book you receive at the gate
  • There is free shuttles that can take you around the grand canyon villages, and the drivers are pretty knowledgeable about the best scenic overlooks
  • If you are heading there from Las Vegas, you can also choose to visit the West Rim; which is only about 2 hours from Las Vegas, but is not really the grand canyon park, its which is the real national park, if you are heading there from Las Vegas, you can also choose to visit the West Rim which is only about 2 hours from Las Vegas, you're surrounded by the Tribal Indian reservation of The Hualapai from the ground to the sky. Home of the world famous glass bridge, the sky walk is 4000 ft above the colorado river, note that unlike the South Rim this is a more expensive activity, about $85 per person.
  • The Grand Canyon is just breathtaking. You cant imagine how vast it is until you are there in person, You can stand for hours just looking at the colors and taking in how peaceful it is. 
  • No one knows just how old it is exactly.

Really glad we took the drive, even though it took us almost 9 ours round trip, the splendor and magnificence of the Canyon cannot be overemphasized, it left me humbled and speechless. Enjoy pictures below.