Beautiful Colorado

Took a quick weekend trip to Colorado for our friends wedding, before this trip, all we knew about Colorado was that it was mid western America with low humidity, the rocky mountains and some military presence.

A lot of that is correct, except its not just the rocky mountains, The state is picturesque, we spent time in Colorado springs and then a day in Denver and I was pleasantly surprised. David and I do not visit a lot of cities that make us think of re-visiting and even moving there to live but we loved Denver, the vibe was so chill, looked like a metro city with a lot of culture and good food, and we ate some damn good fried chicken in some hipster restaurant in downtown Denver.

Last time we had that feeling was 6 years ago in Boston, and then in San Diego last year, and we live in Boston now, so you never know. 

Beautiful Colorado springs

Beautiful Colorado springs

The weather was amazing, having almost no humidity changes the heat game, we went hiking on the day of the wedding to Garden of the gods mountain park, it was stunning, and even though the weather was 33degC, it still felt relatively cool

Where to ate in Colorado Springs : Over easy, we had breakfast there all 3 days and it was awesome, brunch options are cool and they have a make your own Bloody Mary bar, and yummy gourmet pancakes

Where we ate in Denver: Low country Kitchen, the fried chicken was AMAZING!!! also had yummy cocktails and the pork belly sandwich is a must have.

The wedding we went for was so much fun, and so worth the 4 hour redeye flights round trip.

Glad to be back home for a bit before my solo trip to Italy, France and England next month