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When January 2015 rolled out this year, my plan was to be extremely Active, 2014 had not been a good year fitness wise, I put on an extra 20 pounds, went out of control with my eating, even though I worked out on and off the whole year by the time December came around, I looked back and realized it had been a disaster. I had to take stock of my life and it was time to do better. My first order of business was to do what I never ever do. Get active in the winter, like most Canadians I hibernate during the winter. It's freezing around here from December till April averaging about negative 10 to 15 deg Celsius, so you can imagine why everyone wants to stay home and do nothing till spring comes along.

This year I figured that if I kept myself busy in the winter when it was incredibly hard, I'll be able to keep at it till summer rolls by and another winter rolls by again in December, hence I drew up my masterpiece;  what could I do to keep active all winter that I'll sustain? My mind went to indoor sports, something with people that was fun and I'll actually enjoy doing apart from my regular daily workouts. I picked three sports




I was determined to do all three weekly so I set up to register for kickboxing classes at a local Muay Thai place, swimming classes with the city of Toronto which provides a subsidized rate for residents of Toronto at local community centers and I joined my work soccer team in their winter coed league that met once every week at night. All three sports kept me busy five times a week. I was also working out by myself three times a week, I make sure I workout when I wake up, either using a home workout video or at the gym and then I take one of the sports at night.

Good thing was I realized swimming wasn't as hard, I picked it up so fast, I got extremely motivated to keep going, I looked forward  to the classes and I practiced what I learnt one evening a week at the pool at home.

Kickboxing was amazing, the class was energetic, we actually get to wear gloves and punch out a bag, frustrating days had me looking forward to a kickboxing class where I could exert my frustration, the sensei is amazing and really I had no reason to miss classes.

If you know me you'll understand my love and devotion to soccer as a sport, I watch consistently, extremely passionate about the game and everything it represents, it's a wonder that I didn't play till now, the co-ed league is extremely entertaining, because it's coed the guys need at least two females on the field at one time, we're only usually about 4-5 females showing up per game so I get a lot of play time, i am not good even by  a stretch but all the games help me to get better and I'm even looking at getting lessons during the weekend from my little brother, he coaches middle school soccer.

Staying active has helped my fitness level a lot, I look better, I'm more confident, sleep better, and because I'm cooking all my own meals apart from the occasional restaurant meals I'm eating better too.

I'm in control of my life, we are 1/6 into the new year and I believe this year will be awesome.

How do you overcome the challenges of staying active all year round?

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