All-Out February 1st, CFS Rally.

As most people may or may not know, i moved to Canada in 2010 with my family, I'm a permanent resident so i pay home fees.

I currently reside in Ontario and the tuition fees in this province are higher than anywhere else in Canada, every year they keep increasing it and its just becoming ridiculous.

Post secondary education in Canada is becoming a luxury and not a right, most people in Canada now prefer to work with a high school diploma, than spend time and tons of money going to a post secondary institution, graduating after 4years, stressed with tons of student loans and still not getting a considerable job that can help pay of the loans in ample time. so there you are years after, harassed from working 3jobs and going to school with interest piling up on your student debt and still no good job.

Education is a right, and as a developed country with tons of infrastructure and resources, tuition fees in Canada should be at an all time low.

It is a fact that in the past 20 years the average domestic student in Ontario has seen a tuition fee rise of about 207% [CBC News], and as when i wrote this post, the combined Canadian student debt is in the upwards of 14billion dollars and counting, this ongoing rise is unacceptable and just intolerable.

On Feb 1st 2012, CFS, Canadian Federation of students, organized a nationwide rally, protesting the rise in tuition fees and student debts, it was called the ALL-OUT protest.

In Ottawa, the 3 post secondary institutions here, combines and we had a rally that ended up at the Parliament in downtown Ottawa.

It was fun, and very exhilarating to see students of all races, colors and tribes come together and march for a common goal in the freezing cold. it was -7degC that day.

Here are a Few pictures.