Aprils Geek

April Fool
Go to school
Tell your teacher - "you are a fool"
if your teacher beats you
Take your bag and runaway

..... That poem has been ringing in my head all day, i really cannot remember a successful april fools prank i played on anyone in my life time.

I am playing a prank on myself though, deciding that this month will be the month to stop acting a fool and start taking things serious, ..... certain things
I have tons of school work to do, so how about April's geek, that's more apt for me, lol

its Day 1 after all, nothing like a fresh start to right mistakes and make sure that they are not repeated, made quite a few the last 4months

i miss twitter, haven't tweeted in almost a month, i decided i wouldn't tweet until i learn how to write a proper "useful" python code. lol, its kinda a way for me to push myself, sorta kinda, we'll see, made some progress in March, maybe April will be my peak