Carrying the Double "Ds"

Uhuh,Double D's i am talking about boobs, boobies, boobage, breasts, whatever you call it. When it comes to being endowed i know i am way up there on the scale of women with big boobs. My boobs sprouted into life when i was just 11years, and since then there was no looking back, my mum's mum is also heavily endowed in the frontal region and while my mum did not inherit any of that, i sure did.

My relationships with my boobs are on a strictly love-hate basis, sometimes i love them, most times i hate them, they are too big, too heavy, not equally sized, causing back and neck pain, and they restrict me from wearing the clothes id like to wear. i couldnt find proper swimwear, and all the popular high end stores like VS and La Senza, didnt carry more than a DD cup bra.

Well that is until i discovered that my entire life i had been wearing the wrong size, sometime during the summer i got sick of all my bras and decided to go find a big-breast bra store that will cater to my size and taste level, because finding a bra that fit was one thing, finding one that fit and looked good was virtually impossible. I went on google found a couple of stores located at unusual places in town and wen to go find them, that day changed my life, figuratively speaking of course, i did find a store that stocked big boobs bra, and i decided to do a fitting, when i had told the lady that i wore a 38G bra she had laughed that it wasnt possible, my back was too small for a 38 length bra. she brought in a tape and measured told me to just trust her and wait. she came back to the stall with a 34HH bra, i looked at the size and said . NO WAY, double H, are u even kidding me, but then after being persuaded i tried it on, and voila, my boobs looked perfect. my back did ache, the strap didnt dig into my shoulder, the middle of the bra cups rested flat on my chest, and my breast even looked smaller. I was speechless, i wont lie it was an expensive bra, but it changed my view of having big breasts.

so Lessons from this story: - fit your back length before your bra Cups. - if you are wearing a bra that doesnt fit tight on the loosest hook then it is too large, because bras expand with wear. - if the back rides up when you wear it then you need to go a length smaller. -if the middle of the bra cups isnt lying flat on your chest then you need to go a cup higher -if the top of the cup divides your breast and leaves some extra you need to go a cup higher -Wash bras with cold water and leave to dry naturally so that the elastics can contract again.

The perfect bra should be almost invisible under your clothes, and should not cause any pain on your neck or back, most people are worried when they hear sizes larger than D cups, but a size 30G is actually a very small bra.