Dear Diary ...


Its been a while since I've been here.... Been ranting a lot about blogging personally again, appeal of twitter drops daily.

So much has happened the last few months, so much, work life has balanced out now, made a few good friends there, its good to love what you do and i do, i love my job, the early stages of a career are just so damn stressful.

Starting to feel really empty about abandoning my love for cooking though, i just do not feel as comfortable experimenting in my mums kitchen as i did in mine, so i have convinced myself i can wait and pick this up when i move out ... i am not okay with this and my hand itches sometimes to be creative, sometimes at the end of my stressful work day when i'm stretched on my bed exhausted, i yearn to make a tart or pan fry some duck, but alas, this young woman is always soo tired.

Plan to move out in the early part of next year, get my own place, go through the wonderful phase of interior decor, and reattach myself to a quaint looking apartment, i started looking this month, lots of places are too tiny and i need my space, only thing i ask for, a kitchen that doesn't look like the size of a pantry and must have a walk in closet

I'm thinking I'll find a real estate agent when im ready, and if God blesses me, maybe i'll just buy a place instead of renting. i'm really looking forward to having my now space again and its definitely on my to do list for first half of 2014 before I turn 26.. OMG i will turn 26 :(

I'm scared of turning 26, clock is starting to tick loudly in my ears, so much i still want to accomplish and i always thought my twenties will be that time.

I am starting to think of a plan, i feel like i am living without a concrete plan, where am i going and the age old question of my short term goals in my career, financially and of course in my relationship.

Relationship will be another story for a different day, most times im lost in that, lost, how can i still feel lost after 2 years, bleh,

I'll be back real soon, lots of things to say and now i just cant stop talking.