Orlando and the magic of Disney


Unlike other years, midnight New Years Eve 2014 was different, I was not at church, I was sitting across the partner, holding his hands saying a prayer, it was the first we had spent together in over 3 years of dating and the first for me that I was not in a church, since i had been born.

I admit to being apprehensive about not being in church, and as we walked in to Disney's magic kingdom that day I had even asked him to look round Orlando for a church nearby that we could go to, we didn't find any and slowly as the day progressed, I started to get carried away with the magic of Disney Land.

We were spending a few days in Orlando as tourists, Florida Is my second home since the partner lives there and it was probably my millionth trip to Orlando, but this was different, he had promised me a touristy adventure and it delivered.


We stayed in an amazing Disney resort, with the quintessential magical decor filled with smiling tourists, at least 60% of them with kids under 10, I remember being on the bus ride to the Magic kingdom theme park and the lady beside me chatted away at how exhausting it was being with kids and being glad her and her husband got to travel a lot together before the kids came. It was a chilly time in Orlando, the cold front from the east coast had come towards Florida and my promise of sun and shorts had been reduced to sweaters and sweat pants.



Disney is magic, I really cannot explain it better than that, the lights and sounds, smiling kids at the fair, magical parades that bring all your favorite fairy tales to life - and the best of the fairy tales too - we all know no one does happily ever after like Disney,

I remember smiling at Belle, And watching Cinderella dance with her prince, the humans in makeup bring the stories to life perfectly, Mickey and Minnie and the seven adorable dwarfs. All of the music and grinning children taken away into a world they only thought existed in their Televisions. singing along to their favorite Disney song while flying with peter pan or on a magic carpet with Aladdin, maybe i am starting to describe myself,  i really was utterly sucked into it all

Disney was magic, took me back to being a child; all of my dreams of being a princess and a having a fairy god mother for a few seconds I almost forgot it was not reality. We went on a few rides, not a lot of them, spent a lot of the time walking around, dancing on the streets with strangers excited for the new year, watching amazing fireworks, and like I told the partner "taking it all in"


Later that night as I said a prayer, holding his hands, for our lives in the new year, appreciating God for his mercies, for provision, for blessing us with each other, that moment made all sense in the world, didn't matter that I was not at church, God was here, I was with the man I love in a magical place.

And I got a New Years kiss too.