First ever Nigerian Blog Awards Nomination



So that is kinda how i feel right now.

Thank you so much for nominating Design Cook Love in the best food blog category,


im very excited

Can you tell???

Did i already say thank you??


Next Stage you ask?

Well, to go vote for me of course, click HERE to vote


Cast your votes :)

Anyways enough of my excitement, whats been up? well i started a new project, I'm sure most people know Gordon Ramsay, his latest cook book the Ultimate Cookery Course, contains 100 recipes that every home cook like you and me :), should know how to cook and the most amazing kitchen tips, from how to sharpen a knife, to how to properly slice an onion, tips on everything. Its an amazing book,

Oh and there's a TV series too, you need the book to cook through the recipes though, because he doesn't really specify measurements on the TV series.

So, my new project is to cook through all 100 recipes, and i already started, i'm on recipe 2.

I'm going to come back and write a proper post on this. Create a section on this blog for projects.

Im also in the process of redesigning my page, so it will be getting a new, more focused food blog look hehe.

ALSO there's an amazing GIVEAWAY in the works that will be tied to the Gordon Ramsay Project, you want to watch out for it, trust me.

Hope everyone is good, thanks for nominating me again :)