Hello 2015


Lets just pretend that i have not been missing for 1 whole year and get back into the swing of things shall we?

Ok maybe i cannot really get away with that, I really needed the time off to settle into my life in Toronto with the new job and stressful work schedule, I moved into a new apartment to give me enough space to experiment in my own kitchen rather than driving my mother crazy in hers.

Blog wise, even though i have been missing i have actually been behind the scenes prepping for this year, i redesigned the blog as you can see, i have also moved to wordpress to grant me a whole lot more flexibility with blogging, and to make the blog a lot easier to navigate to search for recipes and catch up with me and my life. Got a new camera as well, so pictures will be a lot better, I am fully on Instagram and twitter, that will probably be the best way to ask me questions about specific recipes and get answers immediately, so follow me on @designcooklove on twitter and @designcooklove on Instagram.

I am really excited about whats to come. Here is a quick preview below:

Blogging will be very regular this year, at least once a week, sometimes MORE<!-

      There will


      , breads, cakes, cookies... etc
      Healthy recipes will be featured a lot as well, best way to sneak veggies in and cook with fewer ingredients that are still worth your 2 cents.

I will also have budget friendly recipes because not everyone can find that obscure expensive ingredient

Dear Diary section is still on going, a way to catch up with whats going on in my life, especially with my life in the tech world, i will be having some tech posts, rants of course because, well its me and definitely a ton of pictures from my travels, i took quite a few trips last year.

There will be a post following this detailing Christmas dinner at my parents, we had a

Maple-glazed-herbed roast Turkey

Bacon-Rosemary Potatoes that my uncle swore was the reason Jesus was born

Jollof rice, Plantains, Stewed cow-leg

Delicious Portugese-Olive oil Cake with a Creme Anglaise

I will be sharing the recipe for the turkey, it was a 30 pound bird, took me 6 hours to roast after a 16 hour brining time, The cake is a recipe from Leite's Culinaria and i will link back to it, trust me that cake is EVERYTHING! moist, citrusy, we had no leftovers.

I am really excited to be back and i hope you will all join me on this stretched out journey.

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