Here is what I have been up to

I have been getting a lot of grief lately from my friends and readers about my neglect of this blog (covers face in shame), i promise to do better. Blogging is hard work, I have been cooking but i just i'd post pictures to Instagram or PinInterest without any recipes, sigh, its laziness oh.

Again, I promise to do better..

Anyway here is what i have been up to the last few months.

Been prepping hard for my CCIE written exam, i only have a few months left to write it since my CCNP expires in August, so i am on it like bees to honey, i plan to write a separate post on my preparation and how the exam went when i am done.

I also traveled to Philly for a few weeks, my best friend came in from Nigeria to have her first child, it was an experience i tell you, watching her in labor and the first few days of being a mother taught me a lot

Most of all, i have been getting used to living full time in Toronto, making new friends and finally having some social life, been out quite a few times, all sorts from bars to restaurants, open mics to clubs, house parties, drink dates and all... I am enjoying city living i tell you.

I also attended my convocation ceremony in Ottawa with the family, my favorite uncle even came in from Newyork, it was an amazing few days, we got there the day before, had dinner and slept, Convocation was fun... took a lot of pictures

Lohi was there as my designated photographer, love that girl to pieces, then we went for dinner at my favorite restaurant in Ottawa, Allium, with a few of my closest friends and the family

It was a blast of course, food was delicious, i was really happy to have my family at Allium, i am always raving about the food

to my mum and it was a blessing to have the opportunity to take her there, well she took me since she paid the bill X_X. We spent the entire time reminiscing on my 2 years in Ottawa

... just a beautiful beautiful meal. After dinner my friends and i deserted the old folks and went to a bar for drinks and hookah,

 Grrrrr!!! thats what shots of Vodka looks like.

Next day we woke up bright and early to be tourists, took the folks around Ottawa, The parliament of Canada

Byward Street Market and basically downtown,

before we set off on our road trip back home

I am back now fully i promise, regular recipes posts, a lot more updates and maybe even pictures of Toronto Living, I am definitely a lot more regular on Instagram so follow me there and you'll be updated (happybbb).

Off to do blog rounds.