Sorry I have been out of touch lately, I am about concluding my MA.sc degree and i've been extremely busy, between writing the thesis and concluding my research so i can include it in my thesis, applying for jobs and attending interviews, because lets face it, once i am out of school that is the most important thing. add TA-ing undergraduate courses to that and my part-time job as a cooking assistant at a cooking school, i pretty much have my hands very full and my brain very saturated.

I put off my Gordon Ramsay project for a while, and that will be the first thing i pick up when i get back. Should be sometime in December hopefully. Also redesigning this blog and giving it a more professional food blog look, lol.

Hope you guys have been great, thank you to all those that voted for me at the Nigerian Blog Awards, i did not win, but i really appreciate it, i also appreciate the emails, and comments, and all you who read and reproduce my recipes, ask for advice, God bless you. If you want to reach me you can send me an email at smilingbbb@gmail.com or tweet me @happybbb, that is probably the fastest way to reach me, id be happy to answer any questions.

See you guys in about a month, hopefully my first post then will be to say i handed in my thesis and im done with school :)