It can only get better

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2days ago, i hit 4years as a blogger, My first post on this blog was on 22nd April 2009, i have seriously come a long way from there, my life is more defined, i now know what i want and how to get it,

I lost some friends and gained the best ones.

I am not afraid to be who i am, to stand for my beliefs and be passionate about my dreams.

I am not defined by anyone or by any standard society has placed on me, i have defied the odds and risen above them.

I found independence, and the strength that independence brings

I found love and support and genuine happiness in the most unexpected place

I found the drive to BE, to CREATE, to LEAD, to INSPIRE and to BELIEVE that no matter what I'd be FINE in the end, i always am...

I have definitely come a long way.

Physically and mentally, its been one hell of a journey.

Even my blog has moved from the personal junk of rants and gists to a whole lot more of what encompasses who i am as a young woman.

and i couldnt be prouder, i really couldnt be prouder.

It can only get better by Gods grace :)

Ciao :*