its 2012

I really am a nice person, no really? I am
and when it comes to matters of the heart, i let go and take chances too easily
the last year i got clammed into a shell because of my past experiences, i just couldn't come out of it,
i had thought that id never be "me" again
all of that did change though, i met someone that brought me out of my shell, and i decided to take a chance again, and just be inhibited about my feelings.
Did i mention that i am too nice?
yeah, i might be mushy and romantic and moist and soft and all of that other things,
but i'm also impatient, experienced and extremely wary
Hence when someone starts to take advantage of me and the feelings i have for them, i notice,
i'm not the girl i used to be anymore.
I'm stronger, wiser and a lot more willing to let go of things that start to bring me more worry and stress than happiness.
Its 2012, my motto this year is to be happy, if loving someone is not bringing me to that point, i will let go,
i'm not settling for shit this year, i'm not managing shit this year, i'm determined to get what i dish out or nothing at all, i will let go and go lick my wounds in private, withdraw back into a shell, until i find someone again willing to be everything to me that i am to him.
its 2012, this year i'm not letting people use me like i was used in 2011, contrary to other humans,  i actually learn from my experiences.