Lessons from Nigeria

This is me coming on here and acting like the last year didn't just happen.

I'm just going to pick up where i left off.

Nigeria was amazing, I had the most amazing time.

My sister and i traveled alone so we had the house to ourselves for the entire month, there was no parental supervision and we had a huge house, a car and all the necessary things needed to survive in Nigeria for a month.

Lets not forget money and the best of friends, those two are very essential.

It was really a good way to start of this year and December in Nigeria was definitely my highlight of 2011, the fact that i had planned the entire trip for over a year had everything to do with it.

Coming back to Canada though was a pain, i got stuck in Lagos because of the Labour strike for the fuel subsidy removal and i had to call Continental and raise hell before they finally gave me a flight out, i had to fly to Madrid then to Philly, then to Toronto before arriving in Ottawa.

I was flying for almost 48hrs transit time inclusive.

i arrive Ottawa harassed, tired and very cranky.

I'm never flying Continental airlines again.

Good thing was my parents came to meet me at Toronto's airport for some New-year's hug and kisses, because i was flying straight to school  the strike had already made me miss a week of school.

i left my sister behind in Nigeria because Lufthansa kept pushing her flight also.

it was just a total mess.

With every experience though, there must be things to take back and ponder over.

1) most people are selfish

2) i am definitely too nice

3) its never too late to fall in love again

4) nothing is ever black and white

5) Swe Bar still has the best Mojito i have ever tasted

6) i can get tired of partying

7) Old friends will always be better than new just like wine

8) Nigeria reeks of incompetence never forget that and always expect something to go wrong

9) My independence grew up a notch the past year

10) My sister is the most reliable person in my life, after God that is

hugs and Kisses