Life in the Fast lane

Dear Diary, I have written this first line so many times and deleted it again, writing used to be so easy for me but lately i find that i either do not have anything to write or i have forgotten how to put my thoughts down on paper.

I wont deny that i am busy, I have always been, My life is moving at a speed that even i cannot quite grasp, between work and being a 20 something in a fast paced city like Toronto i find that i am spending all my time going through the motions and not exactly stopping to savor and appreciate the individual moments as i should.

Writing and blogging about my life used to help me with that, and i am trying to figure out a way to get back to keeping a journal.

Currently its Summer here and the four months between mid May and mid September are the best a Torontonian could hope for, I have been fairly active socially, lots of restaurants and nights out, i have quite a few trips planned starting with one to San Francisco next week. My goal is to finally start doing better, paying more attention to my environment and appreciating where God has placed me in the grand scheme.

My Life might be in the fast lane, but i just have to remember that i am still the driver.