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Yes its a new food blogging segment, and YES right now the food trucks might be in Toronto, but i promise to visit a food truck in every city i visit from now on so this can be more widespread.

I recently started working downtown Toronto which i'll say has giving me the opportunity to expand my food tasting ways in the city and start to find favorite spots and amazing yummilicious meals that make me go back.... Its been an amazing summer and if anything i am definitely more in love with Toronto

I'd say Downtown Toronto has more of  a food trucking culture than anywhere in the GTA and recently my colleagues and i have started frequenting the hot parking spots for food trucks, its become "a thing" so i decided to blog about it and give you guys reviews of the food i try... and maybe even try remaking some of the absolutely amazing ones at home.

Without Further ado here's my first food trucking post


Menu Style: Rotating

Creativity: Way up there!! Impressive menu, i like my food truck to not serve basic run of the mill food court meals

Price: Found it quite pricey for the amount of food served

I had the Barbeque duck cakes with hot corn relish, I've never had duck cakes before... they were good, not  amazing but pretty decent, i thought 11 bucks was pretty pricey for just 2 small duck cakes and considering it was on the lunch menu; that wouldn't fill a person up, i was still considerably hungry after spending $11... not good. Pretty much crab cakes made with duck... I found that pretty interesting, outside was pretty crispy and inside maybe a little too mushy.

The Corn relish was YUM!!! but then again i am partial to corn, ill be trying to remake that at home.

Localista seems to have an impressively creative menu, that's what drew me to them, their website lists more fun items id like to try, i presume their menu changes daily, i will definitely give them another shot.

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