March-ing ON!

Its a "Brown" New Month :)

March, 2mnths into the year, Lots of things havent gone as planned, repeated some mistakes from last year, made new ones, and well its been the typical year :)
Id get there eventually.
I have only one goal for this month LEARN PYTHON, lol its a scripting language and id like to be considerably knowledgeable in it by March 31st, at least move from stage, i dont know jack to stage amateur.
I have let a lot of things get in way of my concentration this last 2months, and today i sat on the bus, music in my ears reflecting on the decisions ive made this year that id rather not have made, its the fact that they are old mistakes that infuriate me, as if i never learn, :). Lots of mistakes *sigh*

I used to say my goal was to just be happy, now im pretty sure my happiness lies in my own hands.
while im setting goals for March might as well throw in eating healthy into the list, these past 2mnths have been a joke eating late at night, plenty of cakes and CHOCOLATES, ice cream, tons of juice and not a lot of water, cooking everything with butter instead of olive oil, well, i know what to do, i just need to actually do it. :)

PS going to Boston on Friday, looking forward to it, HBSABC, id bring back pictures

Well like i always say, never too late to begin again, March 1st is the start of my year