MAYbe April was the stepping stone

Hi Guys,
May's here i am super excited and its not just because its the first day of the month and another opportunity to correct mistakes and do better, but because for me April was an amazing month.
My theme for the month of April was My month of permanent positive change and it sure was that
I started the month on a juicing fast, im pretty sure i blogged about that, at about the second week i started working out again, and as at yesterday i lost 16pounds in April, YUP!!!! 16poundsssssss!!!!!!!

Boy was it hard, HARD!!!!, i fell off the bandwagon a lot, A LOT, i had to modify the diet to suit me, after a while i started eating an egg a day because i was literally working myself to death in the gym and i needed protein to help repair my muscles, the days i traveled and couldnt juice cos i didnt have a juicer, i ended up eating a salad, and sometimes i snuck in some protein, all in all, it was amazing, i am the lightest i have been since 2007.
Down side of it was that i really really really missed cooking, but yeah you can be sure that i am back full time now, and i have tons of recipes in hand to cook. May is going to be a cooking marathon on my blog.
I have decided to do weekly themed cooking. Every week id cook 3-4 meals from a particular theme, the themes i have in mind right now are, French, Thai, Italian, Chicken, Seafood, and Salads. that should take me through May. Id be posting the proper time table tomorrow, there is going to be some amazing food here this month, be sure to check back :).

Also this month, to continue on my weight loss journey, id be doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD, i never used a home DVD before, this is my first time, i am a workout addict and i think my body is used to my gym routine now so ive decided to shake things up, id still go to the gym 5 days a week, im just going to be adding Jillian to my mornings :), id also still be juicing for breakfast and Lunch, or maybe a salad for lunch when im sick of the juice and just eating a real meal for only dinner.

My entire view on proper eating and taking care of my body has changed and i feel amazing, my before and after pictures astound people and the body i have now has been 3years in training, so it didnt happen in a day, im 50pounds down and about 15 to go and this is not just a phase.

Dont forget to check back during the month for my amazing recipes, trust me it promises to be a fun ride. cant wait to get my elbows in it.