Morning Rituals


Alarm always goes off at 6:30, I haven't gotten up at 6:30 in a few months. Usually I just shut it up and go back to sleep, let my body clock wake me up at the right time, which usually is at 7:30am.

7:30 Iike clock work I open my eyes, verify the time, and while still in bed plan the best strategy to complete my morning rituals in 90 mins before  my 9am work start time. Say good morning to the partner, this is usually via Whatsapp and occasionally when I have to wake him up by phone call.

I'm up now, grudgingly take all my clothes off, while completely naked, fill my 1 liter gym bottle with water, walk into the bathroom and attempt some bowel movement, while checking twitter and Instagram to see what I missed while I slept, yes that's where I get all my news from.

Gym clothes on, phone in hand, I either head down the elevator to the gym or put on my tv and open my fitness blender account if my workout for the day required no equipment, usually takes me about 50-70 mins and then it's breakfast time.

Work day breakfast is always eggs, bacon and avocado, eggs made scrambled over easy with fresh rosemary and laughing cow cheese or boiled. I like my bacon crispy, and usually I'll leave it in the oven for 10 mins at 400 while I shower.

If I'll be going in to work later in the day I won't take any caffeine just another liter of water, if not I make two shots of espresso, some 2 tbsp of whipping cream and that's breakfast. This hardly changes, sometimes I'll have no cheese or poach the eggs, sometimes I'll add a side of sauteed vegetables, but eggs,bacon, those are constants.

I pack a lunch while I make the eggs for if I'm driving in to work later, lunch is usually meal prepped on Sundays, so it's no hassle to fill my lunch bowl, it'd be a salad and some type of protein, usually chicken thighs or fish or lamb, I always add in snacks, might be a handful of nuts in a ziploc bag, some strawberries or a boiled egg. 

9am I turn on my computer at my workstation, time to get productive, I usually don't lift my head till 11am when I'm going in to the office, that's the perfect time, no traffic and it takes me about 15 minutes, I'm dressed in 5, laptop in hand and off to work. If I would be working from home that day, I'm usually in that chair head buried till about 1pm when my tummy starts reminding me about lunch.

I like driving in when there's zero traffic, peaceful smooth drive, my google music app sort to whatever album I'm into that week or a shuffle of my library depending on my mood.

My morning rituals keep me sane during the week, everything might have been crazy yesterday but having a ritual in the morning helps me take some time to reflect, accept and be ready for whatever today brings.

Do you have a morning ritual?