New me, new Drive?

I am really trying not to start this with excuses, partly because i feel really guilty and i have no good ones, this blog was supposed to help me drive my passion for food while i actively worked through my passion for tech without letting either slide.

I however have been so busy with my day job, i have totally let my blog slide, still eating and cooking a lot, my scale will tell you with the rising numbers, not making any promises on blogging full time but i will try my best to do better.

The last few months have been ridiculously busy, been planning a move to the US and last week i finally packed all i had and drove down with my dog to the beautiful city of Boston. Boston has always held a special place in my heart, in 2012, the partner and i still in our getting to know you phase spent a magical weekend in Boston that has forever romanticized the city in my eyes, so when a position opened up in the city i jumped at it with arms opened.

Currently in the middle of a home decor phase to make my 700 sqft 1 bedroom as quaint and homely as i can, my home decor style has always been vibrant, full of color and a little cluttered and for this apartment i am trying to do everything with a light touch, go as minimalistic as my heavy hands would allow and maybe i'll do a blog post with pictures of what i did and how it looks.

Massachusetts has a huge food culture and nothing like a new city and not a lot of friends to fire life into my passion to try new food and most especially cook some new delicacies, right now i have heavily been into a lot of asian inspired flavors, especially Thai, Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese and i am hoping to jot down some of my dips into these food cultures and carry you guys along both here on my blog and on instagram.

Follow me on IG and twitter @designcooklove if you dont already :), Help me breathe some life back into my food journey.