40 cloves of Garlic Chicken


When I came across the recipe from my America's test kitchen cookbook, I knew for real I had to try this, I did some more research online and as expected everyone from Martha Stewart to Alton, even Nigella had their own different versions. It really is a struggle trying to understand that putting 40 cloves of garlic in one pot and a few pieces of chicken will not make the chicken taste like a garlic fest, rather the flavor of caramelized garlic will only be a mildly sweet taste that permeates and takes the chicken to the next level.

I took my recipe a step further by adding in a few tablespoons of amaretto when I added in the white wine, letting that burn off leaving behind that sweet almond liqueur flavor, oh boy I love amaretto.

I bought a bag of peeled garlic from the grocery store, ain't nobody got time for peeling 40 cloves, do yourself a favor, they stay fresh in the fridge too, so you can store them for all your garlic loving recipes, let's be real, almost everything needs garlic they're amazing.