Baked Red Snapper and Asian Spiced Broccoli


Recently, i have altered my nutrition, making better, healthier choices, trying to eat more meals a day with lesser portions, incorporating as much fiber and vegetables as i can into my meals, and generally deciding to be a better version of myself.. it has not been easy trust me, but i have sure learnt a lot, i have learnt spanking new recipes that i will be sharing. Most of them super easy to make, still as delicious and all under between 200-400 calories. I will tag them all as healthy meals so they would be easier to find, and will even create a tab for them at the top of the blog…. I am willing to learn and hear from you too, so if you have a healthy recipe you want me to post here, send me an email or leave a comment Fish is an amazing healthy option for proteins, delicate so does not take any time to cook but still a bit tricky because you can easily over cook them, Snapper is one of the non-oily fish, does not contain as much oil as salmon and has lesser calories. An ounce of red snapper contains about 28 calories [My Fitness Pal], depending on the size you buy, its usually a small fish.

Baked Red Snapper and Asian Spiced Brocolli