Banana Bread


Few weeks ago, One of my colleagues came to work with the moistest banana bread i have ever had, it was delicious, i just had to ask for a recipe.. She said it was her mums so i pleaded with her to ask her mum for a recipe, and she delivered (Thanks Sam's mum)...

I am always trying to make recipes as healthy as i can, so i tweaked this a lot before using it, reduced the sugar, used half portions of whole wheat and all purpose flour, used becel proactiv margarine instead of butter, which is a calorie reduced margarine, and reduced the sugar she recommended, i also upped the number of bananas to help with the sweetness. You can try both,  if you have a really sweet tooth you'd love hers, mine was sweet also and just as moist.. so yay winning recipe 

See both recipes below 

Sam's Mum Banana Bread

Whole Wheat Low Fat Banana Bread

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