Chicken Breast with Tarragon and Orange Butter


White meat has to be my least favorite part of a chicken, i always find it dry and lacking any taste, kinda what i think chewing cardboard paper will feel like, so i tend to steer clear of the chicken breast, i feel there is way too much meat, not a lot of fat and juices to keep the meat moist. I can tell you though, that this was the best chicken breast i have ever eaten hands down, THE BEST!!!!I not sure if it was the orange butter stuffing that kept it moist as it baked, or if i finally got my timing right, but i swear i heard angels singing hallelujah as i took the first bite. My love for combining fruits with meat is no secret, so there’s no wonder that when i saw this recipe on masterchef australia last year, i took a mental note of what i would definitely be cooking sometime. I served it with mashed butternut pumpkin, basic boiled, mashed and mixed with butter and some seasoning, and my infamous sweet green beans that i got off Chrissy’s blog a while ago, yum yum, i have been making these beans with EVERYTHING, i cant get enough of it.

Chicken Breast with Orange and Tarragon