Shrimp Three Ways


This is one of the most Time consuming things i have cooked, took me about 2hours to get everything done, i guess when you think of the fact that i made four different dishes and cooked everything from scratch, 2 hours then seems like a really short time. You can always prepare just one of the shrimp dishes as a meal of its own and serve over pasta or with grilled vegetables. Shrimp is Amazing!!!!!! its really easy and fast to cook, you can hardly every screw it up, well except take-out Chinese restaurants, i have no idea how they manage to make their shrimp taste like PAPER!!!!. My number one rule of thumb with Shrimp is to never ever use precooked shrimp, i always buy my shrimp Raw in the shell sometimes de-veined, sometimes not, but its always raw, the flavor you can extract from raw shrimp cannot be compared to precooked shrimp that was probably just blanched in salty water. In line with my seafood theme,

 Chipotle Lime shrimp with Corn Salsa   

Garlic Shrimp

Citrus Poached Shrimp