Christmas Turkey


This would be my fourth attempt at making turkey for a huge family meal, My mum walked into the kitchen on Christmas eve from the butcher with a 30 pound bird, yes 30 pounds!!!! It was only going to be 14 of us for dinner, so i was not sure why she had decided to get the biggest bird at the shop.But that was my mum, she likes everything big, extra, overflowing. Something about growing up with less....

Back to this bird, I am not going to lie, it intimidated me, it was HUGE, first thought was how exactly was i going to brine this, It will have to be a huge brining bag, my first attempt at trying to fit the turkey into a bag was a huge fail, it ripped right through the seams, i ended up using the biggest pot we had at home, still did not fit the whole bird, top of the turkey around the neck did not fit into the pot, and there was the issue of not being able to fit that pot in a fridge to brine overnight.

My sister came up with the brilliant idea of leaving the turkey in the brine solution in the garage, since we live in Canada, and in December the weather is usually below zero degrees, so the garage will be just as cold as the refrigerator anyway.

For this huge undertaking,i decided to do a spicy maple syrup herbed glaze, main ingredients being, Butter, fresh parsley, rosemary and thyme, Cameroon pepper, for those of you who do not know what this is, it is dried grounded pepper the seeds are grown in Penja Cameroon, usually reddish-brown in color, my mum brings it from Nigeria whenever she visits, it adds a certain level of spice and a distinct flavor, Beware it is VERY HOT, you can use smoked hot paprika instead

The maple syrup gave the turkey a beautiful golden brown color, turned out to be the prettiest turkey i ever roasted if there is an award for that. Fresh herbs are the business, and i will always go that way if i can help it.

Roasting a turkey usually comes down to two things, having a damn good thermometer and resting the turkey long enough when it comes out of the oven to allow the juices sip back in and keep the bird moist.

READ ENTRE RECIPE BEFORE STARTING!!, so you can plan your time well.

Christmas Turkey