Crab cakes


I dont know why im partial to things with a crust, maybe its the illusion of being fried, and that dry crunchy sound it makes in the mouth, whenever i can get make crunchy food with a healthy twist i always JUMP headfirst into it, that’s why my oven is my best friend, its the best alternative to frying, i just bake, broil or grill. When i went fishing for a recipe for crabcakes i came across way too many, it just became too confusing, they all used too many things and different sauces, i found some with curry paste, some with slices of bread, in fact searching for a recipe online can be a pain. Finally decided to modify a couple, add them all together and create my own, LOL, i guess i just added to the confusion.

I got the recipe for the dipping sauce from here, It just made the meal more amazing, the zesty taste of the chipotle in adobo hit the nail on the head. ( i actually had to go to a Latino grocer to find that ingredient, i was determined)

Crab Cakes