Duck Panang Curry


I fell in love with curries sometime last year, i had a thai restaurant just beside my apartment complex that sold the most amazing thai food.Their panang curry was to die for, usually i buy the beef curry because i tend to prefer beef or seafood rather than poultry in my curries.

This month i moved somewhere downtown, my new place is quite far from the old one, and one cold Sunday 2 weeks ago i started craving Panang, decided to try my hands at it.

I knew the basics; that it contained peanuts and coconut milk, but i didn't know much else, went online to do some research ended up confused by all the different recipes i saw, so i just decided to wing it from all i could gather, and yeah i can assure you i did an amazing job. Panang Curry originally called Phanaeng curry, is named after the Penang island (wikipedia), it is a dry curry which is fried in coconut cream and not boiled. I didn't have beef on hand at home, so i used duck legs, another thing that made it easier was i had store bought red curry paste, so i used that also, instead of making mine. Thai kitchen have a really good brand.

Duck Panang Curry