Grand Marnier Baked Spare ribs


I’ve been out of sorts for about a month, battling the spirit of laziness and procrastination, its been kicking me in the butt, not just in terms of updating this blog, but also keeping in line with school work, and my health. My last semester in school is starting and i am starting to get buckled down by the pressure of worrying, not getting anything done just constantly worrying about getting things done.

Woke up today with a better zeal, taking charge and im going to get of my butt and get things done. Updating this blog regularly again will be my measurement of how much im getting done because it’d show that im not slacking anymore.

Anyway back to food, the recipe today i baked spare ribs, i had had this when i spent time in Florida, the SO makes his with an amaretto liqueur, the ribs were fall of the bone juicy and sticky with sweetness from the amaretto after it burns of alcohol. I modified it when i got home because i didn’t have the amaretto liqueur and i still has some grand marnier left over from my attempts at making duck a l’orange Peep the recipe below.

Grand Marnier Baked Spare Ribs