Herbed Baked Eggs


Breakfast food like i love to call it, eggs, pancakes, bacon, ham, waffles, sausages…….. unhealthy goodness, some of my favorite things, best thing to have on a gloomy or maybe even sunny morning,or afternoon or evening, no one is judging. Growing up in Nigeria, eggs to me could only be made 2 ways, hard boiled or fried, i had never ever seen a runny yolk, in fact if you had served my father or mother a soft boiled egg you probably would have gotten an earful.

During my recent years of food exploration i have come to love poached eggs, with the delicious runny yolks, poached with just a tinge of vinegar, almost like heaven.

Another egg that has caught my fancy is Ina’s Herbed Baked Eggs, Ina Garten is a food network star and host of the program Barefoot Contessa, she also was a nuclear policy analyst at the white house, which kinda automatically enters her into my book of heroes, foodie and geek!!!! :)

This egg recipe will make you almost die of anticipation, your entire house will be filled with the smell of fresh herbs, and you might actually burn your tongue from the first bite because you cannot wait to try. i have made this 3 times already, and every time i experiment more, add bacon, add ham, add tomatoes, possibilities are endless.

Best served with some freshly oven warmed bread. Enjoy

Herbed Baked Eggs