Home Cooking - Girlfriends Edition


A couple of weeks ago my friend Dami of DuduNorth asked me to participate in a project of hers, if you have never visited Dudunorth.com, she showcases Africans in North America making strides in what they are doing and promoting Africa's positively,Its an amazing avenue to see what other people are up to and Dudunorth finds creative ways to display all of this.

The project involved her coming in to watch me cook and experiencing what my thought process usually is and how i go about executing my meal preps, she planned to do this with another of my good friend, Lohi of LohisCreations so we decided to merge the day as one and have a go at it. It was a blast, we went grocery shopping, came back home and cooked while drinking wine and gisting, you know when girlfriends gather its plenty story, half the time was spent laughing while trying to concentrate on cooking, to read about the entire experience and see how she scored the process read her post here

For the meal i decided to make Coq au Vin (chicken in wine) and mashed potatoes, to save time i had made my meat stock earlier and so it was just a matter of browning the chicken and making the sauce easy.

I used to really hate mashed potatoes, most restaurants never get it right, its never light and velvety, always having lumps in it, earlier this year while trying my hands at making shepherds pie i discovered the most amazing mashed potato recipe and i have never looked back.