Lamb Bites and asian-spiced sauteed vegetables


Let's be very real, leafy vegetables can be annoying. Most of them are like chewing hay, they are not sweet or sour or spicy, in fact most of them are bitter, and yet, these are supposedly the most healthy things you can eat. Its like the universe is leading some conspiracy to make us suffer, why do all the healthy things have to taste like crap. Kale, spinach, swiss chards etc, all extremely healthy. Filled with fiber and lots of vitamins, low in calories but Urgh there really is no pleasure eating them.

Thus started the challenge to make leafy greens taste as amazing as "bacon". Haha why bacon you might ask, well because to me bacon is the beacon of it all, - the can-never-do-no-wrong, I can-never-get-tired-of peak, only thing that I love more might be ripe plantains, but that's a story for another day.

How then can we make hay tasting sometimes bitter vegetables taste amazing?

Simple, the four " S" salt, spice, sour, sweet. This is my secret, it takes a well seasoned cook a bit of time to learn how to balance these tastes, but get it right and you can make anything taste amazing, especially sauces and marinades.

For my vegetables, I used soy sauce for saltiness, some Cameroon dried pepper for spice, Mirin for sweetness and rice wine vinegar for sour, add in the staples of sauteed onions and garlic and your vegetables will just as yummy as bacon.

Lamb Bites

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