Medallions Porc aux Pruneaux, [Medallion Pork and Prunes]


I came across this recipe while watching Masterchef Newzealand , it seemed like a simple enough thing to make, and i still had some leftover pitted prunes in my kitchen from my detox time in April, decide to give it a shot,I have been really interested in french food lately, the richness and creaminess of their sauces and you almost feel like going for a 4mile run after eating because it was so delicious. Even savory French food seems like desserts with all the cream an butter and wine, yum yum yum, its a wonder that i am not gaining all the weight i lost back with the amount of french food i have been eating lately.

The sauce was very very rich, almost intoxicating, and i paired it with plain jasmine rice, the perfect compliment because the rice just soaked up all that sauce beautifully. My pork was cooked very juicy, have to be very very careful not to overcook pork because they turn extremely dry and tough and plainly just boring.

Medallion Pork and Prunes