Shrimp-Dodo recipe


Last Sunday was Thanksgiving in CanadaLots of reasons to be thankful this year, school is going fine, my family is healthy, my friends are all doing well. Most of all i'm happy, i feel blessed daily, and i sense the beginning of even better things.

Anyway i planned a thanksgiving dinner for my close friends, Took me a day and a half of cooking but it turned out a success.

I went all out in my cooking of course, you know me, i love to slave away in the kitchen, never happier than when i'm cooking something that takes all my time and gives me the opportunity to escape from all the stress of school.

I had never planned a thanksgiving dinner before, and my first problem what was exactly to put on the menu,

Ended up visiting my food blogging mentor The Pioneer Woman, and i just searched for thanksgiving recipes on her website, she came through as usual. And there was this delicious Shrimp-dodo, a recipe i promised to upload here asap, people loved it, the entire bowl was empty before i blinked

Shrimp Dodo