Oxtail Stew


Last week i was craving oxtail gravy, so i went to a Jamaican restaurant and bought some, cost a pretty penny, it was great but tasted like they doused it with sugar, i am eating low-carb so yea i wasn't happy. Decided to make mine, after all how hard can this be, i can make sure it does not taste like sugar and make it as spicy as i like.

Still turned out to be an expensive meal, oxtail was not cheap, found it in an Asian grocery store for 6.70$ a pound, but it was worth every penny. Tasted amazing, took me an overnight marinade and almost 5 hours on low heat and i got my fall off the bone delicious oxtail stew.

Adding the gravy master/ kitchen bouquet to this might be the authentic thing that makes it extremely Caribbean; like the kind you get in the restaurants, if you cant find either in the grocery store, substitute with Worcestershire sauce,  i used ketchup to add a hint of sweetness and put enough spice in it using cayenne, paprika and sriracha. Its the best oxtail i have ever tasted, i am traveling to Bahamas for Christmas this year, so ill let you guys know how this compares to an authentic Caribbean oxtail stew in the Caribbean.

Serve this with rice and peas in the authentic way,  or like me sit down with a bowl of this by itself, glass of skinny grape wine, feet up watching the Oscars.

Oxtail Stew

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