On masterChef australia, Risotto is known as the dish of death, the contestants always mess it up, always!!!! I think in all the four seasons I’ve only watched one decent risotto dish.Hence when i decided to cook this I did with some sort of fear of screwing it up and excitement that maybe I’d get it right. I did tons of research on it, read almost 10 cookbooks and recipes and then delved into making my own dish. I visited the Italian grocer by my house got my ingredients and produced the most delicious risotto i’ve ever had, granted I’ve only had risotto at two other restaurants but this one was delisHHH!

Shrimp and Prosciutto Risotto with Salmon cooked ‘al cartoccio’

Al cartoccio, means to cook in a bag, so its almost like steaming with all the spices enclosed, so you have a fish that’s deliciously spicy and moist.