Spicy Cherry Crab Legs


Like most people at the start of the year, I swear to changing my lifestyle, being more active and most of all changing my diet. And this year like every other year I swear that this is the time I'll actually stick to it past January, so far its been great, I'm on some low carb high fat diet, let's not even discuss this, and in trying to be imaginative with my diet, I am always thinking up recipes to make the diet more interesting.

I was craving crab tonight, seafood really is one of the best options for healthy eating, almost zero carb and lots of protein, you can literally go crazy.

As I drove home from my kick boxing class tonight, my mind tried to think up how I'd make the crab, I had some frozen crab legs that I had left in the sink to thaw to room temperature before I got home.

I came up with this recipe and stopped at Walmart on my way home to get some cherries. Pitting them had to be the most annoying part of making this.

My sister walked into my apartment while I cooked and she stayed until I was done like they all do because yea no one turns down free food even though they weren't invited.

Hope you try this, it really was the perfect dinner. The crabs were sweet, spicy and the lemon and balsamic vinegar gave the perfect sour balance.

I think it'd be even better with fresh crabs, that fresh seawater taste will make this heavenly

Spicy Cherry Crab Legs