Thai Sticky Rice with Mangoes -Khaaw neow ma-muang


What Thai food has taught me?That rice can be a dessert, and it doesn’t always have to be pastry or dairy to be considered dessert. While in Florida… ( i know its beginning to feel like the entire trip was about food) .. we went to this Thai restaurant, the SO had been raving about a particular dessert they sold that apparently contained some sort of rice and mangoes, of course my interest was piqued, turned out it was a “famous” dessert that i had never heard of, Thai Sticky Rice with Mangoes -Khaaw neow ma-muang.

It was sweet coconuty sticky rice, with a coconut cream and toasted sesame seeds and for some reason its always served with freshly sliced mangoes. The rice was al-dente in texture, not too sweet to be overpowering but sweet enough to be a delicious dessert, The coconut cream was not extra thick, it flowed almost to the texture of a good Crème anglaise. I fell in love with it immediately, noted to myself to find a good recipe and give it a try when i got back home. and so i did

Thai Sticky Rice with Mango