The Most Amazing Salad EVER!!!


I keep saying im not a salad person, if fact if it looks like a salad, has way too many greens i stay FAR from it. If it has salad in its name i skip it.When i saw this recipe on Chrissy’s blog, i fell in love, It was a salad without greens, what are the odds huh?, i never knew salads could come that way, it had tomatoes, and onions which we can consider the veggies i guess.

Chrissy’s sister cooked this on her blog and they were kind enough to share the recipe, i served mine on a bed of baby greens ( YES i said greens, lol im changing) and quinoa. Oh Quinoa!!!!! Today was my first day trying it, and i am totally sold, my head is spinning crazy with ideas of dishes i can make with it, and im thinking i might even do a themed week just for quinoa, its amazing, its one of the super-foods, a protein that taste almost like rice, WIN WIN WIN. you can eat rice without all the carbs, again i say WIN. haha!!!!!!!!!

You can find the recipe here on Chrissy’s Blog, i did not change a thing, i boiled my quinoa in salty water for 15minutes, after soaking in warm water for 15minutes and rinsing.