Yummy Turkey-Apple Burger


With Sweet Potato Buns About 8 weeks ago i changed my lifestyle, changed everything about my eating habits, started to do a lot more research into healthier eating options, its been an amazing journey that is even starting to reflect on my palette. Things i used to absolutely starting to taste really good to me, i don’t get cravings for junk anymore, i am starting to understand food better than i ever did, its been a learning process, trying new things, taking risks and hoping it pays off. I appreciate my body even more now and because i will always love food i am trying my best to make everything i eat an experience, trying new recipes and replacing a lot of my ingredients with healthier versions… so far so good. I wanted a burger yesterday so i decided to make a healthy one, i had come across a recipe on the social hermit’s blog, that featured a turkey burger patty that had shredded apple in it.. sounded delicious; so yes of course i went for it, the addition of the apples makes it even juicier and adds a little bit of sweetness.

To make my meal even healthier and more filling, i grilled some sweet potato and used it as the buns, the trick to making your baked sweet potato perfect is to add a little starch to it, i always use some corn starch but tapioca starch will do as well. I made my burger with healthy toppings, some grilled onions and sweet peppers that i lightly sprayed with olive oil and grilled while i made the patty and half a cup of spinach that i had sliced, i also had fat free cheese and a teaspoon of low sodium ketchup and of course some Sriracha hot sauce for my favorite spicy kick.

Turkey Apple Burger