Rejection- the good, the bad and the downright cry worthy

I've been applying for jobs lately, I think I mentioned that in one of my previous posts, even with all the food and cooking you see going on here, engineering is still the most important part of my life.
I guess I should be happy then that I decided to go headfirst into the labor market early, so I can eliminate the jobs I do not like, and quite frankly find a job before I get out of school, so I'm not stuck in that awful period where I have no job and I'm not in school so I'm frantically applying and frustration then sets in.
The past 2 months have probably been the hardest for me, applying for jobs, getting interviews and hearing No over and over, well some don't even get back to you.

To be fair to them the reason for rejection has varied to some lack of skills, qualification and sometimes bad timing.
The good thing is I started this early so I can work on the skills i need before I'm out of school and then reapply again to those jobs closer to my graduation date which then fixes both problems.
The problem here is that rejection just plain sucks no matter the reason, it HURTS, especially when you really want something, and then you are told that you aren't good enough for it. Huge blow to my confidence especially when I know how hard I have been working for the past 8years leading me to this point.
Normally I'd blame my lackluster undergraduate degree and the downright failure of our educational system in Nigeria but all of those are just excuses because the willingness to know and learn is a personal thing, most employers are interested in personal growth, what have you taught yourself, how have you gotten yourself better at so and so, I haven't exactly been lazy the past 8years but I know I could have been better.
Cue in the most hurtful rejection of them all last week, that came with a bit of a reprieve as I got a personal phone call from the technical leader, encouraging me to improve on some skills and come back because he definitely sees me as a goo fit for his team, 2 hours of crying and a mad as hell headache later. I was ready to take on the world.
It might hurt a lot but rejection has definitely been the push I have needed to work harder, push stronger and achieve more.