so Random..............

I'm sitting at the Toronto City airport now in transit, My housemate and i are travelling to Boston for the Harvard Business School, African Business Conference, its a weekend event, should be back on sunday

Speaking of housemates, i thank God everyday for mine, i remember when i wanted to move out of my single apartment because i was getting tired of my company, Last summer i spent weeks alone in my apartment doing research work, id go 3, 4 days without talking to another human being.

I actually remember doing a post about it and people advising me to be careful with housemates, all the drama and what-not, well i can swear i hit jackpot with this one, she has become one of my closest friends and i guess putting God before everything really does work.

I actually excited about going to a different city, i have a visit 5 new places a year rule, and Boston will be my first for this year, i plan to go to Florida in May for a couple of weeks, and Dubai and Europe are somewhere in my plans also this year.

Speaking of being excited, i am pumped to be going to Harvard LMAO, to me its like a tourist attraction, you can be sure that id be buying one of thiose sweatshirts, X_X, and wearing it proudly too haha * do not judge*, id like to attend Harvard one day, My housemate and i were talking about it last night , maybe do a month long course or something, she is crazy about the school, lol.

I broke my ipod touch screen when i went to Toronto last weekend, it was a really bad snow day and my sister and i foolishly decided to walk to the gym, we actually made it back home after and i slipped just outside the door to the house and the ipod fell face down, and now my screen is shattered, it hurts a lot, not just cos i defaced it, but because it was a gift from a special person, the ipod actually meant something to me, tried to fix it and they are telling me to pay 100$ for an ipod that cost 200bucks, O_O where they do that at. :(, i know im probably going to pay it sha, because i want to have this ipod for a long long time.

I seriously hate flying to the states, all the serenre at customs because i have a Nigerian passport, is too much abeg, i cant wait to get my Canadian passport :(, they just harrass you totally for nothing, every single time, its almost embarrasingh, all the scrutiny and invasive questions its ridiculous, Blame Mutallab sha.

I thinnk i overpacked for this trip, its 3days yet i have 7pairs of shoes, and almost 8 different outfits X_X,  i do this everysingle time, haha, Speaking of packing, i dont know how i always manage to leave something behing EVERY SINGLE TIME, haha, actually i know why, its probably because i always do last minute hurried packing, im just too lazy when it comes to packing, im just waiting till i get to Boston and realize what i left behind in Ottawa.

This weekend should be fun, lots of networking opportunities seeing as i should be done with my masters in october, this girl has to start looking for le job, LE JOB!!!!!!

Im starting to really get interested in food photography, i guess its cos my cooking has stepped up a notch, im trying new recipes daily and kicking ass at it, i always want to take a picture and show off *dont judge*, i am so fascinated with cooking, the whole experience calms me, since im taking pictures might as well take good pictures. Someone bought me a camera as a Vals gift, im not sure what type of Camera it is, it arrived late, he sent it from Mexico, all their customs issue, DHL called me that its finally in Ottawa id pick it when i get back, will it be bad of me to be furious if it isnt a REALLY good camera?
i hope it is sha

They just called our flight, :) Im out