Student mode

Its Monday 26th march, 12:04am and as at right now i have been sitting in my lab for 10hrs straight trying to run 3 simulations on CORE.
The simulations really shouldn't be the large headache it is right now, but running  virtual routers on an emulator makes things way more complicated that the small simulations of packet tracer and GNS i did during my Cisco training days.
This one just takes the cake of completely annoying, i must have run the simulations like 50times by now, and every time a perfectly configured OSPF router will just decide to not have ay OSPF routes in its routing table, thats what happens when you run "virtual machines" instead of the real thing.
I have screamed, sighed and nearly cried, even though i am using CORE - which is a highly complex emulator i have had to resort to configuring some of the routers manually and still some of them give me empty routing tables when i run RTMON.
Most people have no idea what im talking about i know, im sorry, but its my blog, and right now i am right off pissed off, hungry, frustrated, and this very minute id like to graduate tomorrow and be done with school.

The python code i am using to run the scripts is very sophisticated , i got some help with it, *as my python skills haven't reached that level of expertise yet* but im teaching myself and im getting there, seeing this code and even understanding it means i have made considerable progress from a month ago when i started teaching myself python from one online tutorial called programming for *NOOBS*, unfortunately when it comes to programming that's what i am shamefully, but its all right, like all things i do, id eventually master it by Gods grace, i never do things half way.

I just said a little prayer, hoping that the next round of simulations i run actually yield the right results, from my lips to Gods ears, amen