Taking Destiny into Your Hands

Not a lot of things make sense most times, and a lot of the times we are just living our lives going through the motions just because.

Stumbling blocks become stepping stones or barriers and we make decisions to overcome based on emotions and at the odd times experience.

Life is not meant to be easy, but it is meant to be fulfilling, sometime we need to take a step back and look into our own lives with binoculars, stop ourselves from going through the motions even for just a second and try to take destiny into our own hands.

Moments of clarity define the best decisions we ever take, the turning point in our lives as young people trying to shape our futures into pliable strings that bend to our will and to Gods will.

Motions are boring, boring does not a great future make, the most well behaved people do not shape the future, risk takers do, people willing to live life do, people willing to accept fear for what it is do, FEAR - we are all afraid of failing, successful people understand that and accept that Failure is a vital part of success.

So today!!! Experience a moment of clarity, step out of that box, take a risk, live life. Take destiny into your hands.